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Marley is an LGBTQI+ activist from Zimbabwe. They have more than five years of experience in community organising, mobilising, fundraising and advocacy work for LGBTQI+ rights in Zimbabwe and Africa at large.
Marley is the founder and Executive Director of
The Rainbow Advocacy Project - A community-based organisation committed to amplifying the voices of the LGBTQI+ movement in Africa through capacity-strengthening initiatives focused on accelerating policy change. 

In 2020, Marley received the Isibindi Changemaker Award, an annual award given to 15 human rights activists from different African countries.

The human rights situation in Zimbabwe continues to deteriorate, including the mistreatment of minorities. The government is complicit in all of these issues: same-sex marriage and relations are prohibited, there are no legal protections for LGBTIQ+ individuals, and members of the LGBTIQ+ community are experiencing heavy marginalization, harassment and violence on a daily basis.


One of Shelter City's goals is to broaden our guests' networks. Do you think you could help Marley with their work? Contact us, and we will get in touch! Keep in mind that this guest is no longer staying with us in Amsterdam, but we would be happy to forward your message so you can contact them.

MaMedia Documentary: Marley

Students from MaMedia Amsterdam made a short film about Marley's experience as an LGBTQI+ activist in Zimbabwe.

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