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Justus Ijeoma

Justus Ijeoma is a Human Rights Defender from Nigeria and the Executive Director for the International Human Rights and Equity Defense Foundation (I-REF). Justus, who is also a human rights lawyer, focuses on a range of different topics. By providing free legal services and advice to the people tries, his organisation aims to improve access to justice of the population and public accountability. Through doing direct intervention for victims and families of police violence, Justus is working on the topic of public safety and security with a particular focus on unlawful acts committed by the police. His organisation also actively trains its staff members and volunteers, intending to build their capacity.

One of Shelter City's goals is to broaden our guests' networks. Do you think you could help Justus with his work? Contact us, and we will get in touch! Keep in mind this guest is no longer staying with us in Amsterdam, but we would be happy to forward your message so you can get in touch with him.


Police violence is a serious issue in Nigeria. Lawyer and human rights defender, Justus Ijeoma, the former guest of Shelter City Amsterdam, told us about a case he worked on not so long ago.



















World Talks: Justus Ijeoma

Justus Ijeoma, lawyer and human rights defender from Nigeria, talks about his fight against police violence in Nigeria and the way his work influences his personal life.


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