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Renate fights for the rights of LGBTIQ+ people in Indonesia. She works as a project manager and community organizer for a community-based organization. Together with local and international LGBTIQ+ networks, she works on mainstreaming LGBTIQ+ issues, building solidarity and reforming public policies. She aims to empower members of the LGBTI community, and on to raise awareness about LGBTIQ+ rights. Her latest project tackles the issue of self-acceptance for LGBTIQ+ people and seeks to increase the general public’s understanding for sexual and gender diversity in Indonesia.

One of the goals of Shelter City is to broaden the networks of our guests. Do you think you could help Renate with her work or do you want him to speak at an event or something similar? Contact us and we will get in touch! Keep in mind, this guest is no longer staying with us in Amsterdam, but we would be happy to forward your message so you can get in touch with her. 

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