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These events are meant for anyone who is interested in expanding their connections in the field of human rights, engaging in good conversations with other people, and sharing some thought

About us

The URGENT Foundation promotes social debate on urgent topics. We organise meetings and initiate media projects on human rights and other social issues.

Our mission

Supporting human rights defenders

Through ShelterCity Amsterdam and WorldTalks we give human rights defenders the opportunity to tell their story and make their voice heard.

Organising informative public events on urgent topics

We create public and informative events on human rights and other urgent matters, and we try to find inventive solutions for the latter.

Education on debate and human rights

Inspired by the story of activists, we analyse positive dilemmas and debates. This informs students and helping them become involved citizens.

Our team

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Project manager




Project manager

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Project manager

About us
Our mission
Our team

Our partners

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